Bonded Warehouse

Professional Storage

Our goal is to prevent and protect customer’s goods while it is store at our warehouse after cargos arrival or ready to distribute ports.

Professional Distribution

We provide high standard of internal warehouse management system to allow our employee to be able to place all goods according to our internal codes, which would allow later distribution from customer’s requirement. and distribute customer’s require cargos from the warehouse straight to final destination.

Time Management

Fortune forever shipping is crystal clear about the idea of “Time is money”, which its why we invest into our warehouse management system to allow employees to have easier access to the direct cargos and distribute straight to final destination according to customer needs.

Dedicated Warehouse

As there varieties of cargos been ship each days, we provided a special service to divide up customer’s cargo according to what we are informed and internal coding system. This would allow our trucks to find the right cargo for the right customer faster.


Warehouse allows transport optimization along the supply chain, and allow companies to work with an optimal inventory regarding service quality.